Marilena Delli


Music lover, image hunter, world citizen. 

I capture images from hidden places, I immerse myself in the life of unknown artists and keep learning from other cultures.

I love languages and translating books, and when I travel I take my cameras and start shooting. Music projects absorb me 100%, I'm truly blessed to be working with a wide range of artists, in collaboration with Grammy winning producer Ian Brennan: from italian superstar Jovanotti to Grammy-award winning band Tinariwen, from American underground rock-legend Bob Forrest to acclaimed Grammy-Nominee Zomba Prison Project.



-Antidoti contro la rabbia (Anger Antidotes) -translation

-Razzismo all'italiana (Racism Italian Style) -memoir

-How music dies -photos


Independent videographer

Zomba Prison Project

God is not a terrorist

Tanzania Albinism Collective

Sainkho Namtchylak feat. Tinariwen


Malawi Mouse Boys

Bob Forrest

The Good Ones

Masters of Hanoi


Kong Nai & Khmer Rouge Survivors

General Paolino

Wayo (South Sudan)

West Bridge Band

Zmei Trei

Acholi Machon



Istituto Italiano di Cultura, San Francisco

Festival del Cinema d'Africa, Asia e America Latina, Milano

Università di Urbino

Biblioteca Nazionale, Torino

Accademia delle Scienze, Roma

Collina Italiana, New York